Solar Powered Server


I host this site at home, on a linux VM, and have a 4kw Solar System on the roof of my house.

The solar system comprises of 16x250w Sunlink SEG panels, and an Aurora Power One 3.6 OUTD UK inverter.

I have developed a small piece of software that communicates with the inverter via it’s RS485 data port using an RS485 to USB adapter, the RS485 connection run’s over CAT5, back to my office, where a handy USB adapter turns the RS-485 signal into a virtual RS-232 serial port.

The software (written in C#) polls the inverter every 5 mins for the information and uploads it to

I might extend this software at some point in the future, I’m thinking of trying to create something similar to, but developing it on windows azure, partly to learn about about cloud services & implemenaton, and partly to give me some more flexibility in embedding the data that is stored.

Lets see if I get the time to do the cloud based service and presentation work 🙂

Click Here for the daily output graphs.

If your interested in how the software works please get in touch.

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