Office Web Apps 2013, Word Editor Problems with IOS 7 (iPad)


Recently I’ve been looking at how we might be able to take advantage of Office Web Apps 2013, with SharePoint 2013 to provide a mobile device capability for the documents stored within our SharePoint systems.

I appears that the upgrade to IOS 7 causes problems for the Word Office Web Apps 2013 Editor when using an IPad, i’ve tested IOS 6.1.3 and do not have the same problems.

If you attempt to edit the content of a word document via OWA 2013, every time you press a key on the IOS popup keyboard, the keyboard disappears and the letter you typed doesn’t appear in the document you are editing.

Click Here for a video of the issue.

The PPTX editors and XLSX editors seems to work fine, I have tired an earlier version of IOS (6.1.3) on an IPad and this works correctly with the Word editor, so it defintily appears to be something going on between IOS 7 & OWA 2013, I have the August 2013 CU on OWA 2013.

I’ve raised a ticket with M/Soft let’s see what they come back with.

I now have had some response from Microsoft, they have confirmed the issues exists, and seem to suggest that Both SkyDrive + On Premise SP2013+OWA2013 have the problem. However from my testing I’ve only been able to reproduce the issue with on premise SP2013+OWA2013.

I’m going to request that they create a Hotfix for the problem, this will need need to be escalated to the development team and they will look to see if it’s possible to resolve the issue on the OWA 2013 server side, although they have said that if the problem is something to do with Safari on IOS 7 they may not be able to work around it, so we might have to go to Apple.

A thanks to Danny Mass who has commented below, he has also been in touch with M/Soft in Canada, and from correspondance with him & myself it appears that M/Soft are aware of the problem, and are targeting a Dec 2013 CU/Fix for SP2013/OWA2013 that will resolve the issue.

I still haven’t had any official feedback from Microsoft UK on this, however the December 2013 hotfix for Office Web Apps 2013 has been released kb 2850013, the text of what is fixed doesn’t mention anything about IOS 7 word editor problems.

However I can confirm that after installing this KB onto my home lab environment, the issue with the Word Editor on IOS 7 has been resolved.

So if you are having this issue download the update from here and install it on your Office Web Apps 2013 servers.

Thanks all for you comments and e-mails, we now have a resolution to our problem 🙂

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14 Responses to Office Web Apps 2013, Word Editor Problems with IOS 7 (iPad)

  1. Danny Maas says:

    Have you heard anything back from Microsoft about this? Many of our K-12 schools have iPads and with Office 365 there was a great use of the 2013 web apps with these devices…until iOS7.

  2. EinarFJ says:

    I am wondering if this is iPad or OWA issue. I tested this with chrome with same result. Is Ítalía possible to give us the status of your ticket.

    I plan to test this on iOS 6 tomorrow.

  3. Hi,

    Yes I’ve been in touch with M/Soft on this issue and they have confirmed it’s a problem.

    I’m engaging with them at the moment to see if they can develop a hotfix for on Premise SP2013+OWA2013, however at present they are not sure if the issue can be resolved server side or if it’s more of a problem with Safari & IOS 7.

  4. Danny Maas says:

    October 23, 2013 at 8:53 pm (Edit)

    Hi Andy,
    Any word from Microsoft on the Office 2013 web apps & iOS7 issue? The web apps on Skydrive work fine but our installed Office 365 web apps don’t…


  5. EinarFJ says:

    I tested this on iOS7 with Bluetooth keyboard connected to the iPad with same result, I was not enable to enter any info into word documents and one note. As mentioned in the initial post, everything works fine on iOS6.

  6. Stephen Wegener says:

    Hi all,
    I have experienced the exact same problem in our Education organisation as well. I too tried all the above mentioned things in my troubleshooting, plus a couple of other things which may be of interest – 1) I tried with and without using SSL encryption , made no difference; 2) As a test I downloaded the Emoji app to an ipad, and then configured the ipad Settings>General>Keyboard>Keyboards>Add New Keyboard, and added the Emoji keyboard. I successfully added smiley faces and other icons to a word doc using OWA!!!
    Looking forward to hearing of a fix

  7. Neil says:

    We have the same exact issue. Hopefully there is a fix soon. Also, in iOS7 (Safari and Chrome), Word documents with multiple pages do not scroll. If you open another tab in the browser, go to another site, then back to the Word tab, the document does scroll. Are you guys seeing this too?

  8. Anon says:

    Have you tried swiping left and right rather than up and down to scroll the pages, it confused me for a while?

  9. TS says:

    The fix is to be released in the December CU.

    You can watch for it here:

    Update center for Office, Office servers, and related products

  10. goose says:

    @TS, any source where you got the info from? That would be great if it’s true, but can’t find it anywhere else.

    • I still haven’t had anything official from my M/Soft contacts here in the UK.

      However talking with Danny Mass (Who posted above) he was given the same impression from his M/Soft contacts in Canada.

      So it has some credence, although I’m yet to get an official response from M/Soft on the issue which I have an open support ticket on.

      Will update if I get any more info.

  11. It’s been fixed in the December 2013 Hotfix Package for Office Web Apps 2013 KB 2850013

    • Neil says:

      Excellent news. I just applied it and editing works great. They also fixed the scrolling issue for multiple page documents.

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